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SyncEXPnet will support MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, Sybase, Pervasive SQL, PostgreSQL, FileMaker, Microsoft Access and other database. SyncEXPnet provides an easy-to-configure and user-friendly synchronizer. Supports windows XP, vista, 7, 8 and 10.SyncEXPnet Features:1. Synchronize files and folders on network2. Support for databases3. Built-in backup tools (copy, delete)4. Synchronize computer and removable devices5. Configurable action at each file/folder/new/different6. Built-in tree compare7. Supports drag and drop8. Supports multiple data items/properties to the same item9. Support every Windows OS (newest Vista and Win10 supported).10. Lightweight (less than 2 MB) and free from dll. No installation to the client computer is ever required.11. Sync fast even over slow network connections (Ethernet, DSL, etc.)12. Synchronize even in the best security environments13. Supports synchronize clients (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10)14. Supports synchronize from USB thumb drive15. Supports synchronize from CD/DVD or external hard disk16. Folder-level privacy allows you to set which folders can be synchronized17. The master of all and more other little synchronization clients and softwares.18. Other very useful options to make your synchronization even faster and more user-friendly.19. Configuration to be as flexible as the Internet it is connected to.SyncEXPnet is a quick, easy and free to use solution to backup your data anywhere and anytime,have a small footprint and superb performance. It can be set up to operate in a total synchronized mode or in an incremental synchronized mode. SyncEXPnet has built in backup tools that allow you to backup any data to an online file share or FTP server or to an external Hard Disk or to a CD/DVD or to a USB Thumb Drive or to a Network share.SyncEXPnet supports Synchronization through the Internet or through a Local Network and supports FTP sites and our own SmartSync Fileserver Network (as shown in our main screenshots).SyncEXPnet supports DATABASE VIEWS that may be included in a single file or in a series of files.SyncEXPnet is a freeware software with a 08929e5ed8


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